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Firearm owner's manuals by Erik Lawrence

The AR-15 Assembly Guide

How to build and service the AR-15 rifle



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Erik Lawrence



At last — the definitive, no-nonsense guide to building and servicing the popular AR-15 rifle system. The AR-15 Assembly Guide and Service Manual takes you step-by-step through the process of building an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Utilizing high-quality photography and concise, easy-to-read instructions that anticipate problem areas, the author applies his years of working on and employing the AR-15 and its M16/M4 progenitors in the field to develop a manual that novice and veteran AR-15 shooters alike can follow.

There are three sections in the book:

  • BUILDING - a complete step-by-step, illustrated guide that walks you through building your AR-15 from the individual parts.

  • SERVICING - covers how to clean, maintain and service your AR-15

  • OPERATING - marksmanship, troubleshooting and malfunction remedies

Key topics covered include:

  • Lower assembly

  • Upper assembly

  • Popular upgrades

  • Cleaning and lubrication

  • Safe operation and handling

  • Proper shooting techniques

  • Malfunctions and troubleshooting

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