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U.S. Army M4/M16 25M Zero & Pistol Marksmanship






20 Targets per Pack

The NEW short-range zero target from the U.S. Army.  This target is to zero your M16/M4 at a distance of 25M.  The target grid is based on minutes of angle (MOA) and  it has adjustments for common optics at the bottom of the target.  This target may also be used for pistol shooting or a scoring target.

20 targets per pad

Printed on standard white paper in the USA

Sighting systems at bottom of target include:

M68 CCO (Aimpoint Comp M4)

M150 RCO/TA-01 (Trijicon ACOG TA-01)

M16/M4 Front & Rear Sights (MaTech Back-Up Iron Sights (BUIS))

** Note:

Until these are listed on Amazon, if you would like to order, please email

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